Wonderful Norwegian fjords

By plane from Zagreb 6 days / 5 nights
Travel dates: 23rd-28th June, 28th July-2.8th and 18-23.8.2020.
VALUE MORE: Cruising the famed Geiranger Fjord included!

Norway, a land of incredible natural beauty, magnificent and mysterious, hides in its interior vast mountain peaks, steep and wild fjords, lakes crystal clear, and in the summer months, all this is revealed to us in the most beautiful attire ...

Escape the untouched landscapes with us, rest your soul in unspoiled nature and create the most wonderful memories!

Meeting of passengers at the Franjo Tudjman Airport at the information counter two hours before the departure of the aircraft, distribution of travel documents and check-in for Oslo on OU488 at 15:30. Landing time is at 18:00. Upon landing in Oslo, board the bus and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel and after a short break and dinner (for those who paid for the dinner package) possible departure with the tour guide for an evening stroll through the city, using public transport. We suggest a visit to the modern Aker Brygge district, which has been transformed from an old shipyard into a popular destination known for its characteristic combination of traditional and contemporary architecture and for its many restaurants and cafes by the sea. Take a walk to the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in the Tjuvholmen neighborhood, which continues on to Aker Brygge, a representative work of renowned world architect Renzo Piano and enjoy views of the Oslo Fjord and the city's landscaped beaches. Back to the hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 2: OSLO-Hardangervidda-Hardangerfjord-BERGEN
Breakfast. Checking out of the hotel and traveling to the wondrous region of the Fjords takes us across the fascinating Hardangervidda Plateau, which is considered one of the largest in Europe. The plateau inhabited by the largest wild reindeer herds in Europe rises above the forest, and in the bare, moonlit landscape, you will be amazed by the many lakes and wide swamps. Before crossing it you can enjoy the view of the Voringfoss waterfall, which falls 182 meters in depth, with the largest vertical fall in Norway ... We reach the Hardangerfjord area, known for its mild climate, gentle villages and fruit plantations - crossing the fjord, also known as the "king of the fjords" over one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Arrival in the Bergen area in the late afternoon. Accommodation in a hotel in the Bergen area and overnight.

Breakfast. After breakfast, take a tour of the picturesque Bergen, the "gateway to the fjords region". Sightseeing of one of the most beautiful Scandinavian cities and the second largest city in Norway: preserved wooden trading houses from the Hanza era when Bergen was a powerful trading center and the main center of fish trade from Lofot - Bryggen Harbor, whose beautiful wooden houses are on the protected heritage list UNESCO - Fort Bergenhus. Possible departure for the city funicular Floybannen to the hill above Bergen, with magnificent panoramic views of the city. Free day to enjoy the colorful and lively Bergen. Return to the hotel at the agreed time with the tour manager or individual return to the hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 4: BERGEN-flame-Sognefjord-Ford
Breakfast. Today is a day in beautiful Norwegian nature! After breakfast check out of the rooms and travel through the Fjords region to Voss where we will board the Voss-Myrdal train and then continue to the famous Myrdal-Flåm train (extra with reservation). The village of Flåm, small and picturesque, has about 350 inhabitants and more than 450,000 visitors a year, and this railway is one of the most attractive railways in the world, extremely steep with several spirals. From Flåm we continue our journey through the longest tunnel in the world and cross the ferry via Sognefjord, the largest Norwegian fjord, from Fodnes to Manheller, or via the tourist town Skei to Førde where we will stay at the hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 5: FORD-HELLESYLT-Geirangerfjord-Gudbrandsdalen / Otto / VINSTRA
Breakfast. After breakfast he checked out of the rooms, continuing his journey to Hellesylt via Stryn. Boarding in Hellesylt and sailing the fjord to Geiranger (included in the price) along the most famous waterfalls of the Norwegian fjords such as the Seven Sisters, the Bride's Veil, etc., overlooking the lone farms above the fjords and the emerald green landscape. Geirangerfjord is known as one of the most visited and one of the most beautiful Norwegian fjords, listed on the UNESCO protected natural heritage list. After the boat ride, board the bus in Geiranger and continue our journey through the beautiful landscapes to Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley where we will settle into a hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 6: Gudbrandsdalen / Otto / VINSTRA-OSLO-ZAGREB
Breakfast. After breakfast check out of rooms and travel to Oslo, arrival in Oslo in the afternoon and panoramic view of the Norwegian capital. Transfer to Gardermoen Airport. Flight to Zagreb on line OU489 at 18:45. Landing in Zagreb is scheduled at 9:15 pm.

Package price per person in double room:
Departure 23.6: FM 7.080 kn / 7.380 kn
Departures 28.7. and 18.8 .: FM € 6,880 / € 7,180
 (AIRCRAFT HRK 1,090 included in package price)


Single room supplement: 1.690 kn

MYRDAL-FLÅM Railway Extra Charge (when booking): 520 kn

Extra bed on request!
Dinner supplement: HRK 1,290

Extra charge per person for departures from Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik or Pula: 470 kn (availability and confirmation of flights on request; individual check-in at the airport until meeting with the travel manager in Zagreb)

PACKAGE INCLUDE: Zagreb-Oslo-Zagreb airfare, airfare, hotel accommodation 3/4 * in double rooms based on bed and breakfast: 1 night in Oslo, 2 nights in Bergen area, 1 night in Førde area and 1 night in Sognefjord / Gudbrandsdalen / Vinstre valley, tour manager, program shuttle bus, panoramic Oslo and Bergen sightseeing, Sognefjord crossing on the Fodnes-Manheller line, Geiranger fjord cruise from Hellesylt, and organization and sales costs

PACKAGE ARRANGEMENTS DO NOT INCLUDE: Tickets for cultural and historical monuments and museums not listed, public transportation tickets, travel health insurance (recommended!), Optional content, tips for local service providers and staff, and personal order costs

Aeronautical fees are subject to change and the final amount of the fees is confirmed on the day the airline ticket is issued. Atlas reserves the right to change prices in the event of exchange differences exceeding 1.5%. The organizer may change the order of sightseeing during a city tour in Oslo, depending on the museum's opening hours or public holidays. The content of the tour remains posted regardless of the order of the tour during the tour. Departure times for the program are listed according to the Croatia Airlines flight schedule announced in October 2019 and are subject to change.



OFFICIAL NAME: Kingdom of Norway
GOVERNMENT: parliamentary monarchy
MAIN CITY: Oslo, population approximately 634,293 (2014)
LANGUAGE: Norwegian (official)
RELIGION: Lutherans 82.1%, Roman Catholics 1.8%, other Christians 3.9%, Muslims 2.3%, other 2.4%, unspecified 7.5%
TIME DIFFERENCE: Central European Time (Croatia 12:00 = Norway 12:00)
MONEY: NOK (Norwegian Krone); 1 NOK = 100 øre; 1 NOK = 0.75 HRK or 10 NOK = 1 €
NUMBER OF POPULATION: Approximately 5.258 million (according to the 2017 census)
AREA: 385.203 km²
GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION: Norway is a state in the western and northwestern parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It borders Russia and Finland in the northeast, Sweden with the east and southeast. To the west and northwest it enters the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the coastal islands, Norway includes the remote Svalbard Islands in the Northern Ice Sea and Jan Mayen Island between Greenland and Northern Norway in the Atlantic Ocean. Norwegian possessions are the Bouvet Islands in the southern Atlantic and Peter I in the Antarctic waters and Queen Maud Land in Antarctica.
CLIMATE: Due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, especially the Gulf Stream and western ocean winds, the climate of Norway is much warmer than the climate of other regions at the same latitudes; under the influence of cold polar air masses, only the northern ends of Norway in the polar latitudes are found. Summer is warmer inland than in the coastal zone.
DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR TRAVEL: A Croatian passport requires a valid passport or identity card, which must be valid for at least 3 months after entry. Children must have their passport / ID.
HEALTH: Vaccination is optional. We recommend that you consult your World Health Organization website (WHO, www.who.int) before traveling. We also recommend that you take a convenience store pharmacy for your trip.
TELEPHONING: Country code is +47. Mobile phone connections are good. Please contact your network operator for details.
CREDIT CARDS: Most credit cards are accepted at all banks, most hotels, restaurants and shops (MasterCard, Visa), while Amex is accepted less frequently. For the most part, the entrance to each store contains credit card symbols accepted by each store as a payment method.
MESSAGES: The service is included in the price, but if you are very satisfied with the service, you can leave a small tip.
TRAVEL SAFETY: Please refer to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs or their website at www.mvep.hr.

We recommend:

CLOTHES: We recommend layered clothing regardless of the go period dine, a good windbreaker is a necessary and quality sports footwear. Bring sun, wind and rain and snow protection as well. The raincoat is more direct than the umbrella.
FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Some of the typical specialties: fenalår - dried lamb leg; pinnekjøtt - salty and dry, and sometimes smoky, lamb ribs that usually steam above birch branches, served with sausages and mashed potatoes and turnips; multekrem - swamp strawberry dessert with whipped cream; fårikål - lamb cooked with cabbage and whole grains of pepper; etc.
Norway's long coast and many fjords, with cold, clear water, make Norway one of the world's largest exporters of very high quality fish. Norwegian salmon has a specific and delicate taste that makes it an excellent base for attractive and delicious dishes, while meeting the strict requirements of the best chefs in the world.
SHOPPING: popular souvenirs: magnets, pendants, artwork, desserts, troll dolls, Viking memorabilia, Norwegian sweaters, jewelry, posters, photographs. A large number of facilities are open from 8am to 8pm on weekdays, 9am to 3pm on Saturdays, and reduced on Sundays.
SAF: Please keep money, documents and other valuables in the hotel or room safe, the organizer of the trip or the hotel does not take responsibility for the stolen items.

Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the Kingdom of Norway
Drammensveien 82, 0244 Oslo, NORWAY
croemb.oslo@mvep.hr, no.mvep.hr
Hrvoje Marusic, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
0047 2 3014 050, 0047 2 3014 060
Embassy Office Time: Monday-Friday 8: 30-16: 30
Office hours of the Consular Section of the Embassy: (for parties) • Monday-Friday 9-12 p.m.
Telephone number for Croatian nationals (for emergencies and emergencies outside office hours): 0047 97027801/0047 948 57 593