Active tour along the Cetina river from source to mouth

Dreamy and tame, mystical and wild – from its source near the village of Cetina, all the way to its mouth into the Adriatic Sea in Omiš – the Cetina River will enchant you and carve itself into your memory just as it has carved the mighty canyon it relentlessly flows through, demonstrating its beauty and the magnificent power of nature. All those looking for adventure and a rush of adrenaline will have a chance to experience the unforgettable activities that this part of the Dalmatian hinterland offers. The life-giving river will guide you through exciting landscapes, introducing you to local customs, the gastronomy of the places it flows through on its way to the sea, as well as to the fortresses along its course, watching over it as guardians of heritage and ancient history. All you need to do is let go – and let yourself be drawn in by all the wonders this captivating karst beauty has to offer.


  1.  Departure from Sinj towards the source of the Cetina River, traditional peasants’ brunch, tour of the river source and prehistoric caves.
  2. Sightseeing tour of the town of Sinj and the Alka of Sinj Museum, departure by bike to Trilj, walking and sightseeing tour of the place including monumental medieval tombstones i.e. stećci.
  3. Departure from Trilj by bike to Blato na Cetini and further to the village of Gata, sightseeing tour of the Historical Museum of Poljica, continuing the ride through Kostanjska ljut towards the historical Pavić Bridge near the village of Podgrađe, soparnik tasting. 
  4. Departure for a hiking/cycling tour, sightseeing of the Gubavica Mala and Velika waterfalls, descent towards HPP "Kraljevac", the first hydroelectric power plant on the Cetina River, rafting tour.
  5. Hiking tour of the Omiška Dinara Mountain to the chapel of Our Lady of the Snow, lunch at a local family farm, descent to the educational trail of St. Leopold Mandić, a cycling tour of the Cetina River canyon and mouth.