Active holiday in Omiš

If your perfect vacation includes a dose of adrenaline, then Omiš is definitely the right choice for you. There is hardly a sea, water, mountain or air activity not offered in the greater Omiš area.

There are truly not many other towns or cities in the world where you can start off the morning riding the river rapids, find yourself a hundered meters up in the air, hanging from a wire in the middle of the Cetina canyon around noon, be climbing the nearby mountain top accombanied by professional climbing instructors in the afternoon and then fly a paraglider down to the beautiful sandy beach where you can still manage to take a swim before sunset.    When spending your vacation in Omiš, the only question is how many different activities your body can take in a day!

But, no worries, you don’t have to be in perfect shape in order to enjoy the wide range of outdoor activities available in Omiš. Most of them are appropriate for all ages, and below you can find just a small portion of the wide offer of adrenaline experiences you can choose from once in Omiš.